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In a future not far from ours, where man has exhausted all energy resources, Gaia and David, two kids, are forced to team up in a desperate attempt to survive a world turned hostile.
Their last chance is a safe haven called the colony.


One of Them is set in a post-apocalyptic future run by vicious gangs fighting for the last scraps of energy available.
The 17 minutes short film tells the story of two kids, Gaia, 16 and David, 10, surviving in this harsh environment. They meet on the road, in the wild, looking for a safe haven called the Colony, a last hope gathering place for survivors.
Their only chance to find it is a damaged antique holographic map, that Gaia carries with her like a treasure. But when David unintentionally breaks it, he is forced to face the demons of his past to help Gaia unveil the secrets of the map.

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Cast & Crew


Gaia Sara Selimja
David David Bonato
Father Anthony Fesce
Mother Virginia Ruth Cerqua
Looters Samson, Cisky and Giacomo


Director Luc Walpoth
Screenwriters Luc Walpoth & Klaus Pas
Producer Luc Walpoth
Executive producer Micol M. Rosso
Cinematographer Zarick Berger
Production Sound Mixer Bruce Wuilloud
Art Director Micol M. Rosso
Editor Jean Reusser
Visual Effects Jérémie Bacher & Olivier Amrein
Color Correction Rodney Musso
Visual Post-Production Facility Colorgrade (Switzerland)
Sound Post-Production Facility Avanpost (Romania)
Associate Producers Avanpost (Romania)
Colorgrade (Switzerland)
Magnetiq Films (Belgium)

Luc Walpoth


Luc Walpoth is an award-winning Swiss director working both in Switzerland and the USA.
His short films and commercials have been nominated and awarded in some of the most important festivals around the world (Clermont-Ferrand, Palm Springs, Locarno, Sitges, among others) and broadcasted by international networks.
Over the years, Luc has developed projects supported by renowned institutions like Tribeca Institute, Torino FilmLab, NisiMasa, Swissfilms and UCLA TFT school.
His latest short movie REPLIKA ( is a sci-fi drama, which won fifteen awards, as well as the institutional recognition of Best Short of the State of Bern, Switzerland. The film is still in distribution and has over 35 selections. The feature version is currently in development and has the attention of major players in the US industry.
Besides this high-end sci-fi project, Luc is in pre-production of a Horror-Thriller, the Romanian Job, produced by Dutch Angle and developing the social drama, PERIPHERIC LOVE, produced by the leading Swiss production company Dschoint Ventschr.

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