One of Them: a new Sci-Fi in production

One of Them is a short film based on a story idea for a feature film, where to kids lost in a post-apocalyptic world meet and decide to join their force to reach an amusement park which could be the last remaining safe place. The story is based on their friendship and the reflection about a world where the last energy resources are disappearing.


The short was shot and pre-edited in 7 days at the Monfilmfest, in Piemonte, Italy.

Shot in 4k, with my Sony Alpha7s, with old Nikon lenses and recorded on an Atomos Shogun Flame, we decided to privilege gimbal and drone shots to shot the impressive setting.


Indeed, used as locations mostly abandoned factories of the region and in a few days had to get authorisations and access but I had the chance to work with a highly professional crew:

Micol Rosso as Producer
Klaus Pas as Co-writer
Zarick Berger as DOP
Jean Reusser as Editor
Bruce Wuilloud as Sound Engineer
Jérémie Bacher and Olivier Amrein did the VFX


The actors were found on the spot around Casale Monferrato.

Gaia was played by Sara Selimja


David Bonato plays David


After an intense week of shoot, and just a few hours sleep the 6 films selected at the Monfilmfest were screened in Casale Monferrato and David won best emerging actor.


The short is now being re-edited by Jean Reusser, after that we’ll perfect the VFX, do the color correction and the sound post production will be done by my friend Marius Lafterache in Bucharest, Romania.

We hope to have the film ready for distribution at the beginning of 2017.


A big thank you to the Monfilmfest for selecting us and to all my crew and cast for trusting me.