Invited at The European Short Pitch 2016

This year I have the honor to be invited as a Swiss producer at the 10th anniversary of the European Short Pitch. Our short film Replika was developed at this workshop four years ago, and it’s a beautiful opportunity to meet filmmakers and producers from all over Europe.
Here are some words by Wim Vanacker, Head of the ESP, about this 10th anniversary:
10 editions, 200 projects, 75 made films and plenty a successful coproduction. We’re as alive as ever and still coveting that same noble dream to create and keep on creating sustainable bridges and a spotlight to showcase emerging European short filmmakers while having a structuring effect on the short film industry. And not only do we put our stamp on the event and the projects itself, we are present in 31 countries, partners of 14 festivals, organise or take part in panel discussions all over Europe, so as to promote and facilitate coproduction in short films, because we truly believe in its added value both artistically and financially.

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